Faith in action is about putting our Catholic belief into action – every day. We are a vibrant part of the broader Catholic Mission in Tasmania, providing quality education, support, and care for all who seek it, regardless of ability or background.

Our Catholic community-focused organisations benefit the entire State, whether it’s education, affordable housing, or one of many health and social services offered by CatholicCare. We are building the Tasmanian community of the future.

Christ-Centred Learning for Life

Our Catholic schools and colleges are a vital part of the broader Catholic Mission in Tasmania. Our passionate teachers and staff members put their faith into action every day to provide quality, Christ-centred education to students.

Faith in tomorrow is our commitment to students and their futures. Catholic Education Tasmania doesn’t just teach subjects, we intertwine faith and education to elevate academic standards, instil a sense of purpose and provide community spirit. Faith in tomorrow nurtures the potential of every student and cultivates the future leaders, thinkers and doers of Tasmania.

Opportunities available for teachers and students.

Educating 17,000+ Students per year
Building 100+ homes per year
Caring for 12,000+ people per year
Supporting 3,000+ students per year
Student Support